Enjoy fast food without harming your body

We all love fast food. Crispy KFC chicken wings, chicken burger, fries, cola… Even when you think about, you swallow water in your mouth. Let’s admit it. Fast food is amazing. It’s so delicious, and we truly love it. I would marry fast food and live happily ever after.

BUT. And here comes a huge BUT with double stress. Fast food is not just delicious. It’s high-calorie and barely good for your stomach.

So what? Anyway, even knowing that this food is not good for diet, we will go and eat one more burger. So, let’s try to find some fast food, which is not so high-calorie and harmful for diet.


You will find fewer calories in such meals as Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (220 calories) and Grilled Chicken California Cobb Salad (280 calories). But avoid dressings like oil and mayonnaise and keep an eye on portion size.

Burger king

Here you can eat Chicken Whopper (460 calories) or Specialty Chicken Sandwish (460 calories). Don’t forget, no mayo! I will repeat. NO MAYO


Tender Roast Sandwich (270 calories) and Original Recipe Sandwich (320 calories). AVOID the dreaded Pot Pie Chunky Chicken (830 calories).


Subway is one of the best choices in fast food. Most of the menu items are bodybuilder friendly. But drink water instead of soda to be friends forever.

6″ Roasted Chicken (330 calories) and 6″Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki (380 calories).


Arby’s is one more friend for you. Most of their light menu items with chicken have 30 or more grams of protein, and are under 300 total calories.

Light Roast Turkey Deluxe (260 calories) and Light Grilled Chicken (260 calories).

Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s menu items don’t contain so much protein, but still have not so high-calorie food.

Soft Taco Chicken (170 calories) and Gordita Nacho Cheese-Chicken (270 calories).

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