Gym etiquette: Part 1

Gym is not just a place where you exercise. It’s a community of people, who have the same aims, who want to lose fat and build muscles. And as all communities, a gym also has backroom rules, which you have to keep. Follow the rules and maintain the safest, most productive training environment around you.

The gym is a public place, and the weights belong to everyone. If the gym is empty, you can use weights as you want, without any limits. But if the gym is packed, don’t use equipment for too long time and think about others too. You are not the only guy in the gym. Others also came to exercises and be in a great shape.

If you need to fill a big bottle of water and somebody is waiting in a line behind you, just let the guy drink first. He will just drink little bit and go to continue training, while if u don’t let him drink, he and other guys will be so frustrated. And next time you might be this guy waiting in a line.

And speaking about one more confusing moment, you don’t have to be shy changing clothes in the locker room. Nobody is going to stare at you. We all need to change clothes for workouts. There is nothing abnormal in this.

When somebody is lifting, never disturb him. Lifting requires 100% concentration, for personal safety. If you want to ask the guy how many sets he did, wait until he has a break and ask.

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