How to build shredded arms

To show everybody that you are strong as rock, you have to build large, muscular arms. To get such arms, you have to work on both triceps and biceps. Triceps are a larger muscular group than biceps; they form two thirds of the upper arm. Concentrate on exercises that focus on these two muscles.

Here are the examples of arm workouts:

Workout #1

Close Grip Bench Press 3×4-6

Cable Rope Overhead Tricep Extension 2×8-12

Cable One Arm Tricep Extension 2×15 with each arm

Barbell Curl 3×4-6

Alternating Dumbbell Curls 2×8-12

Straight Bar Cable Curls 3×15

Palm Down Barbell Wrist Curls over Bench 5×25

Workout #2

Bench Dips 3×6-8

Decline Close Grip Bench to Skull Crushers 2×8-12

One Arm Triceps Extension 2×12 with each arm

Incline Dumbbell Curls 3×6-8

Barbell Curl Lying Against an Incline 2×8-12

Lying Cable Curl 3×15

Cable Wrist Curl 5×50

Workout #3

Close Grip EZ Bar Curls 3×6-8

Cable Hammer Curls – Rope Attachment 3×12

Concentration Curls 3×15 with each arm

Machine Dips 3×6-8

Decline Dumbbell Triceps Extensions 3×8-12

Kneeling Cable Concentration Triceps Extensions 3×15 with each arm

Palms Up Barbell Wrist Curls over Bench  5×25

Don’t forget 3 main rules of training

Train a maximum twice or 3 times per week. It will give time for your arms to recover, so that they will grow bigger and stronger.

Train arms fast. No more than 30 minute-training will be enough. Short and intense training is the best way to add mass quickly.

Train hard. That’s the old rules of performing all exercises. Don’t complain and train hard.

Building arm muscle takes persistence and a lot of time, but nothing is impossible. Just work out and get the arms of your dream!

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