How to Lose the Man Boobs and Get Ripped Pecs – 5 Simple Steps



Sick of looking at, and feeling, your man-boobs? You aren’t alone. It’s not difficult to lose the man boobs and get ripped pecs instead with a little work. Here’s the 5 simple steps.

Step 1)

Eat Beans: Rich in B vitamins and zinc,  boosts testosterone levels and ultimately increases metabolism and calorie-burning muscle development in both men and women. “The B vitamins also act as coenzymes, or the ‘helper’ compounds that assist in the activation of our metabolism,” says Villacorta. “Diets rich in B vitamins create an environment optimal for a speedy metabolism.”

Step 2)

Start Taking Flax Oil- Flax oil (with meals) helps with vascular health and also helps you feel fuller during eating. This causes you to eat less, which helps in losing more weight in those problem areas.

Step 3)

Change Your Diet- Migrate from fatty, meaty foods to whole foods that are plant-based. Your body will lean up and your intestines will thank you for it in the long run. This means you can digest and use nutrients better, you have more energy, you do more, you lose weight!

Step 4)

Add Cardio To Your Life- Adding cardiovascular exercises is a must if you are serious about losing stubborn fat in the pecs. Running and swimming is a great way to burn excess fat, and tone the muscles around the pecs in the process.

Step 5)

Begin Weight Training- This doesn’t mean just start doing pec exercises and expect to get a ripped chest. You need to work out all the muscles of the upper body to become ripped and proportioned. Just working the pecs can exacerbate the appearance of man boobs.

Weight training will dramatically increase your metabolism as well, helping you become cut, lean, and ripped all over, including the chest.

How Do You Get Ripped In the Least Amount Of Time and Effort?

You follow a proven system that shows you what to do, in what order, with what increments, eating what foods, and you reap the benefits of professional guidance.

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