‘Heartbroken’ Man Becomes Competitive Bodybuilder After Wife Suddenly Leaves Him

A heartbroken middle-aged Japanese man decided to rebuild his life by turning into bodybuilding after his wife left him several years ago. 


The man, who goes by Shirapyong on Twitter (@lonestarsde66), lamented that his wife left him for being “a bald, dumpy, middle-aged guy.”

Shirapyong actually did some regular exercise back in college but had “fallen out of his fitness habits” after graduating, reports SoraNew24.

As a means of emotional recovery, Shirapyong decided to hit the gym again and make a strict fitness commitment. To keep himself set on his fitness goals, he first signed up for a bodybuilding contest and then worked out consistently in the gym. The results, as shown in these images from his Instagram account, speak for themselves:

These days, he regularly competes in bodybuilding tournaments, consistently placing in the top 10 as reported by source. His best finish so far is winning fourth-place in the recent Tokyo Open Bodybuilding tournament’s over-40-years-old division.

According to Shirapyong, he is sharing his story not to show off his body, but to inspire others to achieve similar results by working hard for it.

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