Jay Cutler Wins 4th Mr.Olympia 2010

First: Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler At The 2010 Olympia. Jay Cutler At The 2010 Olympia. 
Jay Cutler At The 2010 Olympia.

In 2009 Jay Cutler – who lots of had written off due to his inconsistent conditioning and the quality of competition coming though the IFBB pro ranks – came out of nowhere and dominated all competitors to win his third Sandow. they did much the same thing last weekend, but probably did not have the general impact and fresh, crisp muscle they displayed last year. However, when it comes to size – from the front, back and side – Jay cannot be beaten. As well, they has been able to increase his width even further, thus generating the illusion of a smaller waist, his mid section being one of his largest hurdles in earlier years. From the athletes press conference until they was announced the four-time champ Cutler exuded the kind of confidence that only true champions can. they was more relaxed than ever, and appeared to be in total control at all times. If the show had been judged on confidence, stage aggressiveness and poise – characteristics needed at pro bodybuilding’s highest level – Cutler would not have needed to attend the finals. As it happened, his stage-manner – and conditioning – was taken to another level on Saturday, thus clinching him recognition as the best in the business for the fourth time. Though they will be strongly challenged in 2011, if Cutler can bring it as they did in 2010 they will again be hard to beat. But, still young, will they challenge for the record of six Sandows held by Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman? If so, i am definite Kai Greene and Phil Heath will make this task a difficult one.

Second: Phil Heath

Phil Heath At The 2010 Olympia. Phil Heath At The 2010 Olympia.
Phil Heath At The 2010 Olympia.

    Making all of the necessary improvements – overall mass & superior conditioning compared with that shown in 2009 – Phil Heath came prepared to challenge the current champ Jay Cutler. With little joints busting with muscle from all angles – reminiscent of Flex Wheeler in his prime but with more Ronnie Coleman-like mass – Heath gave the crowd what they were expecting from him: a significant improvement from 2009 & a legitimate challenge to Jay Cutler. Though seldom a threat to Cutler in sheer size & total on stage impact, he did have the crisper conditioning &, for plenty of, the better physique overall. Stalking the stage like he owned it did only served to boost the crowd’s confidence in him. Had he won nobody would have complained. However, to defeat the current champ a competitor has to be that much better & Heath was not. Close, possibly, but definitely not in Cutler’s league this time around. His time will come & it will be interesting to see how Heath & an in-shape Kai Greene will match up in 2011. perhaps then, Cutler will have more of a fight on his hands.

Third: Branch Warren

 Branch Warren At The 2010 Olympia. Branch Warren At The 2010 Olympia.
Branch Warren At The 2010 Olympia.

Speaking of cuts, Branch Warren had plenty, all layered with the freaky conditioning they routinely achieves. it is hard to deny somebody like Branch, a hard working champ who puts it all on the line with each outing. seldom off his best form Warren’s largest flaw in previous years has been his ability to present the kind of aesthetic physique that has paid dividends for men like Dexter Jackson. they appears to have fixed this issue & is now able to stand toe to toe with the more balanced competitors, & beat them where they eight times dominated. Warren also has the mass to rival the largest of all of them, attributable largely to his tremendous work ethic in the gym where they hoists weights that would crush lesser men. Second at the Mr. Olympia in 2009, the only reason they did not repeat this stellar placing was a bloke named Phil Heath, another Olympia champ in waiting who did not disappoint.

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