Jay Cutler’s Quads Training

Bodybuilding your quads is not such an easy job. Jay will help you in this article which he wrote himself.
“Man, Ihad a good one today guys and gals… went to train @ decater golds today @ 230pm… I had real deep tissue massage at 7am this morning so I was not sure how I would feel…got warmed up with some extentions with 100lbs 2 sets… rolled over to the power rack for some regular squats… 2 sets of 135 to get warm 15 reps… then 225 for 12, 315 for 2 sets of 12… okay, wrapped the kness for 1 set of 405 for 10… feeling good, lower back getting a bit tight but I am mr o.., 495… wrap the kness, legs are full as can be, roll off the rack no spot, bang out 9 reps… my heads ready to pop!!… man, I felt good… next onto the leg press, the icarian one which is heavy… start off with 5 plates a side, 12 reps, got the feel… then add 3 per side, 12 reps…, ok, 2 more, all the machine holds and this sled is heavy people… 12 reps, man, I struggled and screamed for th last 2… no one in the gym… so it was cool… 1 more set with 10 plates… thats it, my legs were ready to explode…but not done yet… front squats, 225 to warm up… bang out 12 rock bottom, rest, thow on 315… bang out 12… shoot, this is feeling good… 405… a bit too much, crank out 5 rock bottom reps… could have got 6, bu it would have been ugly…now I can barely walk, but we roll to leg extentions… flex super leg extention… the best, really pulls the quad… 1st set is 150lbs… 15 reps, stretch, then up to 210 for 12, rest, then throw on 250… shoot, my kness are gonna tear, but thinking of the o, and how bad i want it, i get 10 reps, screaming in pain, everyone @ the front desk is watching… is this guy nuts?…. here we are a month after the show and I can tell you guys, I have never been hungrier for this in my whole life, it took me 16 yrs to get it and I plan to keep it… thank goodness I am off tommorrow, I am heading to AZ for a signing @ one stop in glendale… let you know how it goes and then I will tell you about hamstrings after quads… I can barely walk tonight!!!!” Jay

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