Killer Home Arm Workout For biceps & triceps

There are six exercises, three for biceps and three for triceps. The entire workout takes 45 minutes and there is very little down time. Make sure you have done warm-up sets for both biceps and triceps before starting this workout because we start in with really heavy weights and you don’t want to get injured.

Intensity and focus are really important when you do this workout. Don’t hold back anything, treat every set as if it were your last. I know I sound stupid with all my grunting and groaning but when I give it 110%, I can’t help it. In this workout we do one exercise for biceps then without rest do the opposing triceps muscle. Here is the workout:

Biceps: dumbbell curl using forced negatives
Triceps: skull crushers Rest 60-90s while preparing dumbbells for next exercises

Biceps: Twenty-ones with barbell
Triceps: narrow grip bench press Rest 60-90s while preparing dumbbells for next exercises

Biceps: reverse grip barbell curls
Triceps: dumbbell kick backs

Repeat the above five times, the complete workout should take about 45 minutes. If you don’t like reconfiguring the dumbbells all the time you can also just do each bicep/triceps combo 5X and then move on to the next combo.

Anyone can be healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and feel better about themselves through bodybuilding. Bodybuilding doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time, gyms are great but home workouts can save you time and money. A cheap dumbbell set from a garage sale or walmart is all it takes to get started with your home workouts.

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