Make your warm up fun and exciting!

If you started exercising wishing to get a great body, it doesn’t mean your work outs and warm ups must be boring. No doubts, it’s a serious issue, and you are so aimed to achieve the success, but there is no need to be too serious about this. Come on, you are not an old man. You still can have fun during exercising. Just don’t forget about safety and don’t try to use whatever you see in your home or a gym. There is no need for extra risk or injuries.

To keep your warm ups dynamic and energetic, you can perform such exercises as forward lunge, lateral squat, hand walk, or arm circles. It will also be a good decision to do a warm-up set of such balanced exercises as single-leg dead lifts and bent-over rows.

Some fitness experts say that jumping rope is one of the best tools for a fun and interesting warm-up. A little jump rope session will help to burn fat and keep body temperature up. If you can’t do it for long time, just start with what you can do. You are not in hurry, you have time for improvements.

Many people also choose yoga for their warm ups. Yoga is one of the best stretches you can even imagine. It will make your muscles more flexible and will help to prepare for a great workout. You can perform such stretches as Downward Facing Dog, Child’s Pose or Warrior Pose.

Be creative. Choose different warm ups and activities and make your warm up fun and exciting!

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