Metabolic damage: know and fix

Have you stopped losing fat even though you are exercising for many hours per day and keeping a strict diet? It seems impossible, but this is exactly what metabolic damage is. Metabolic damage is a state, when your body doesn’t respond appropriately to some processes.

For example, you start working out and lose weight after a while. You can see your progress, but it suddenly stops. You are trying to exercise more and more, you lower calories, but it seems it’s not going to work. The main question in this case is how to get your metabolic health back.

First of all, you should start eating more. It’s good that you keep a diet, wishing to achieve a great body, but if you are starving and perform exhausting workouts at the same time, it’s just harmful for you and your body.  When you add in resistance training, your calorie expenditures goes up, so that you have to consume more calories not to make harm to your body.

Eat like an athlete, few times per day. Consistency is the best medicine for your metabolic health. And don’t forget to eat natural food such as proteins, vegetables, and fibrous carbs. If you eat fast food, it only increases the risk of metabolic damage.

Train, but don’t overtrain. No doubts, you want to achieve your goals ASAP, but be patient and don’t spend enormous hours in a gym every day. It’s your body. Take care of it and don’t overtrain.

Deal with the stress. All people in this world are stressed sometimes, but if you know how to overcome it, you can achieve more. Training is a form of a physical stress for your body. Give your body some rest to recover and get adequate sleep.

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