Abdominal Exercise – Abs Crunch

1. Lay on the ground with your legs bent and your feet flat. Do not pull from your arms, keep your focus on your abdominal muscles. Remember, this is an abdominal crunch not a sit up. 2. Keep your abdominal muscles tight, neck straight and chest up. 3. From your sternum, crunch your weight up and forward. 4. Your lower back should remain flat on the ground at all times. 5.»

The Effects of Weightlifting on the Youth Physique

Misconceptions about weightlifting Weightlifting is a sport which is plagued by a number of misconceptions in the eyes of the public not least the involvement of the young in our sport. The mere mention of a young boy entering into the sport conjures up a vision of this poor boy struggling and straining away with huge weights, going purple in the face and breaking every bone in his body. Despite the objections of so many unknowledgeable people, tens of thousands of boys, and now girls, enter into the sport of weightlifting e very year the world over, many of them in their early teens.»
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