Lifting Techniques For Beginners To Increase Your Performance

Beginners are often struggling with movement patterning, correct posture and technique and simply trying to get their reps in. Many of the experienced lifters give advice and are also the same ones who are injured all the time. In some cases, caution is well warranted when considering an advanced technique. Here are three techniques that you should try. They can help you improve you as a lifter, no matter what experience level you are!   1.»

Simple Changes To Improve Dieting

  Dieting doesn’t have to be difficult. So many of us look at creating a sensible and effective eating plan but don’t want to go through with it. Do you find yourself counting calories, eating only half of the day or trying to minimise your portions? Whatever you choose and whatever your goals, here are some fundamental principles to follow for a healthy eating plan. Once you incorporate these rules, it will be easy for your specific needs.»

The V-Shaped Cut With The Right Workout

  Are you one of those who want nothing more than perfect v-cut abs?  With some hard core abs workout and structured dieting you can get the V cut you desire. In order to obtain this great visual effect on your body, you will have to get the correct abs workout and good nutrition. Building abs takes time, but if you’re willing to do the work, you will achieve this V-Shaped Cut faster than you think!»

Simple Body Weight Exercises To Assist Weight Loss

  If your aim is to lose weight and improve your definition, then listed below are 8 exercises to incorporate alongside your diet that will help to achieve your goal. The exercises you choose to do will greatly affect the outcome and define the areas you are targeting. For best results you don’t have to perform lengthy sessions of cardio or spend hours jogging. All you need is body weight training to improve your strength, conditioning and body composition.»

Lat Pull Down Exercises For A Defined Back

  While many lifters want an impressive back, it seems that most are relying on only one or two popular exercises for this achievement. Only a few are ready to put in the work required to build a powerful V taper. The lat pull down is a highly effective exercise that primarily targets the latissiums dorsi, this is the large fan shaped muscle that makes up a large portion of your back. »

Build Bigger Biceps and Show Off Those Arms

Building bigger biceps is one of the more popular areas that bodybuilders like to concentrate on. As with other areas of the body such as the abs, back, chest, and legs the abs have specific bodybuilding exercises to promote building muscle in the biceps. Arm Exercises There are three main parts of your arm: *The biceps (often called “guns” by body builders). *The triceps (which are on the opposite side of your biceps on your upper arms).»

10 Tips to Pack on Serious Mass!

  Many of us seem to think that losing weight demands careful planning and plenty of dedication and patience, while gaining mass is easy and doesn’t require any special attention – just lift a bunch of heavy weights for an hour every day and your muscle growth will explode, right? Wrong, because your diet amounts to almost half of your bodybuilding success and you can’t expect great results if you don’t put in the effort to feed your body properly.»

3 Golden Rules for Maximal Muscle Growth

  Since the time we spend in the gym is so limited, it’s very precious and we’re all basically looking for a way to make every minute worth the effort put into it. One logical assumption would be that the greater the number of sets and reps you perform is, the better your results will be. But is this really true? A closer look at the issues most bodybuilders face would easily convince us in the opposite.»

Get Washboard Abs – 3 Steps for Sexy Abdominals

Here are 3 steps to take in the next 3 weeks to get washboard abs: 1. First week – Diet. For the first week don’t even worry about exercising, just focus on your diet by cutting down drastically on carbohydrates. Sugars should be the first thing to be eliminated. Next focus on eliminating your “heavy carbs”, such as pastas and breads. Ideally you want most of your carbs to come from vegetables.»

How To Naturally Increase Your HGH Level, 3 Not-So-Obvious Ways

As we age, both men and women experience decline of their human growth hormone. Scientific evidence shows that the level of HGH in the body shrinks dramatically throughout the course of one’s life. The decline of HGH levels is associated with various health issues, such as increased body fat, loss of sexual drive, weakened immune system, etc. There are two major ways to increase your HGH level. The first is to take synthetic human growth hormone, either as injection or in form of HGH supplements.»
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