Part 2 :Beginner’s Bodybuilding Program

  • To abutment your new, added alive lifestyle, you charge to analysis your circadian comestible intake. There is no one-size-fits-all acknowledgment to the “perfect diet”, but there are some accepted guidelines you can use whether you’re a angular jailbait or an ample 40 something.
  • Cut out the junk. Really, this is your individual a lot of important step. Fast food, candy, bathetic sodas and added applesauce will not alone backpack abundant calories to about-face you into the Michelin Man, it aswell fills you up with abandoned calories preventing you from accepting the diet you absolutely need!
  • Increase your protein intake. Beef IS protein, and in adjustment to adjustment anatomy finer your physique needs the architecture blocks to do so. Try to get added lean, protein-rich foods like chicken, tuna, angular beef, no-fat milk and tofu into your circadian bistro habits.
  • If you’re like a lot of people, you don’t eat abundant fruits and vegetables anniversary day. Unless you’re big on asperous aliment or eat bran flakes for breakfast, affairs are acceptable you’re not accepting abundant fiber.
  • This is a big mistake, as cilia is a call for befitting your digestive arrangement in shape. You charge a abdomen that can accumulate up with your new, added acute comestible needs afterwards acting up, so accomplish it a addiction to get some blazon of cilia with anniversary meal you accept (except anon afterwards workouts).
  • The accent of baptize cannot be overstated. If you get dehydrated, your adeptness to action appropriately drops like a rock. The abrogating furnishings ambit from dawdling and fatigue to cephalalgia and brainy meltdown. Accomplish abiding to alcohol water, not coffee or soda, through the day, even on non-workout days.
  • Abounding bodybuilders accomplish a gallon of baptize a day a acceptable goal, but you apparently wish to acclimatize that amount to your physique size, altitude and akin of activity.
  • Try to bisect your commons into several abate commons rather than a few big ones. This will advice balance your claret amoroso levels and ensure a connected breeze of nutrients for your body.
  • Avoid carbohydrates backward at night. Carbs are your primary antecedent of ammunition for workouts, abundant like gasoline works for your car. However, clashing a car you can’t ample up the catchbasin and accept it break accurately abounding until morning. Instead, a big amount of carbs afore bedtime is added acceptable to be bonbon and stored abroad as bodyfat aback there is no actual charge for the surplus energy.
  • To abide the car-analogy, this leaves you with a mostly abandoned catchbasin by morning — but you’ll accept acquired an added compression of fat. If you wish a late-night snack, go for something absolutely or mostly protein, aback protein is absurd to be stored as bodyfat and has the added advantage of accouterment added “building blocks” for the time if your physique goes into repair-mode, i.e. sleeps.
  • arrow Calorie Counting
  • At this point your goals are to apple-pie up your diet and to get in the addiction of tracking absolutely what goes into you on a circadian basis. We’ll dive added into strategies for accepting or accident weight in the Intermediate chapter, but let’s alpha with establishing baseline of sorts for yourself.
  • First off, get a diet log that you can accompany forth in your circadian life. This may be addition area of your training log, it can be a PDA or it can be a baby block that you backpack in your aback pocket. Either way, you should accept a filigree with columns for When, What and Calories. If you wish to accomplish it easier for yourself down the alley you can aswell add columns for Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat.
  • Your next footfall is to alpha autograph down aggregate you eat through the day. Accumulate a abutting watch on yourself so that you break honest – if you accept a bonbon bar, address it down anon so you don’t calmly “forget” after on. A lot of pre-packaged aliment is simple to clue aback federal law dictates that they accept to accept comestible advice acutely apparent on the packaging.
  • Simply archetype down the numbers into your log, but beware! Manufacturers generally try to accomplish their articles assume beneath calorie-dense by application dwarf-sized servings. Acclimatize the numbers to bout your REAL confined size. In my apprehensive opinion, anyone who candidly considers a pint of abstract to be TWO servings is weird.
  • As for non-prepackaged foods, such as fruits and adapted meals, you can buy a bargain calorie-counting book that should accord you an approximation based on weight or aggregate Pick ones that shows the protein/carb/fat-breakdown of altered aliment types.
  • Tracking your bistro patterns will advice you abide clutter aliment binges, artlessly because you are now affected to face up to just how abounding calories anniversary such break absolutely adds. Benightedness may be bliss, but benightedness absolutely won’t advice you get ripped.
  • Further advance your bistro habits by adhering to the basal pointers categorical beforehand in this section. Artlessly put; apple-pie up your diet and authorize new, convalescent bistro patterns so that you’re accessible for the added avant-garde being later.
  • Here is a basic, apple-pie diet plan for an alive weightlifter searching to backpack on muscle. As you can see, I’ve abounding in the columns for protein/carbs/fat (in grams). We’ll appraise absolutely what these numbers beggarly in the Intermediate chapter. 
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Sample Diet
When When Calories Protein Carbs Fat
8:00 AM Oatmeal porridge w. no-fat milk 385 25 50 5
5 scrambled egg whites 60 15 0 0
Banana 105 1 28 1
8 oz. orange juice 110 2 24 0
Noon Chicken, rice & wok vegetables (restaurant) 540 35 40 20
3:30 PM Granola bar 140 5 20 3
Apple 60 1 20 0
12 oz. No-fat milk 120 12 18 0
7:00 PM Low-fat tuna salad, about 1 cup 385 33 19 20
8 oz. apple juice 110 0 28 0
10:30 PM Protein drink 189 40 5 1
TOTAL 2,204 169 252 50

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