Phil heath Mr olympia 2011 Photos

Phil heath Mr olympia 2011 Photos
Phil heath Mr olympia 2011 is the winner ladies and gents, we have a new sheriff in town. Or – at least – a new, and simply phenomenal, Mr Olympia. A phantastic Phil heath Mr olympia 2011 upset four time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler and took home the trophy (and a nice bunch of cash too – no less than $200,000) and can now call himself the best bodybuilder on the planet. At only 31 and still some way from reaching his potential, Heath looks destined for greatness. Jay Cutler wasn’t in quite as good a shape as we’ve seen him in when he’s taken first spot in the past, and just couldn’t deal with a stunning Phil Heath in the best shape of his life (so far, at least). Kai Greene took third, and seems to be back on track to where he belongs.
Here’s some photos for Phil heath Mr olympia 2011

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