Sofa Workout

You probably have never heard this before in relation to exercise but you really are going to need a sofa for this one (and probably a TV for the sofa to make sense). Next time you’re sitting it out watching your favourite show and the ads come on get your body working with a little sofa-assisted action. Do this every time you sit in front of the Telly and before you know it you’ll be rocking a new bod without the hassle of having to hightail it down to the gym. All you need to make this happen is the sofa (of course) and you. Plus, admit it, there is a certain thrill to knowing that you can get fit without leaving your sofa in front of the Telly and missing out on all your favourite programs.

What it works:

Quads, triceps, lower abs, lateral abs, front hip flexors.


 The benefits of exercise are cumulative. The more you workout like this the better you will feel so the more you can pack in, every day, the faster you will get to feel the benefits. Strap on a pair of light ankle weights and you can take this to an entirely new level (particularly if you strap on a pair of wrist weights to go with the ankle ones). Challenge yourself creatively: see if you can exercise at every ad break. Make it even more fun by exercising with your partner or all your family.

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