Best exercises for your traps

Traps are the muscles at the side of your neck, right on the top of your shoulders. Trapezius is one of the major muscles in the shoulder. Tremendous traps are one of the major signs that a person works out and spends many hours to get a great body. Most bodybuilders believe that the only way to build traps is to perform shrugs. But it’s not enough. For well-developed traps you need variety of exercises.»

Tone your middle-back muscle!

If you look at the pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger, you will see that he’s got not just a huge back, but a back strong as stone. His back is incredible even in details and thickness. It’s not that easy to get a back like Arnold has. You have to develop your middle-back muscle. One of the main problems is that we can’t see our back in a mirror after a hard training.»

Neck exercises

Having a strong, developed neck reduces the risk of having everyday neck pain. Moreover, it also reduces risk of neck injury in sports or lifting. There are few main lifting exercises, which will help you to build a strong neck. First of all, its old school shrugs. They can be done with a barbell, dumbbells or a standing calf press. Doing shrugs with barbells, stand holding barbell with overhand or mixed grip.»

Destroy your Quads: Part II

It doesn’t matter if you are working out to be in a great shape or just want to get strength, you should perform quadriceps exercises. If you have strong as stone legs, you will be able to lift more weight and have a base for other muscle groups to lift on. To activate all muscle groups in the legs, perform barbell squats. Squat is a vital exercise for increasing the strength and size of the legs.»

Destroy your Quads: Part I

The legs, specifically the upper leg muscles, are the largest group of the body. Quadriceps, as a part of them, is a muscle group that includes four prevailing muscles on the front of the thigh. For those, who want to remain in shape and improve sport performance, it’s quite important to align legs and quads. The easiest exercises to develop quadriceps are: Sprints You can do them anywhere you have enough space.»

7 Best biceps exercises

When you start working on building a muscular body, one of the key body parts is biceps. If you have developed arms, you are the star on the beach. The 7 Best biceps exercises are: 1) Incline dumbbell curls. Doing this exercise you will feel maximum tension of muscles. Start with lighter weight, and when you are sure you can handle more, add more weight. 2) Cable curls. Doing cable curls you can target tissue muscle fibers due to the constant tension provided by the cable.»

7 tips to gain super strength

1) Don’t stick to heavy loads. Mix heavy and light trainings. If this month you train with heavy loads, next month go lighter. Your muscles need to have some rest to grow. 2) Work on deltoid muscles. Nothing looks cooler than delts! Here is the best workout for you delts. Sets: 10 Time: 45-50 mins. Seated Dumbbell Press – 2 sets, 6-8 reps Seated Lateral raises – 2 sets, 6-8 reps Face Pulls – 2 sets, 6-8 reps Behind the neck barbell press – 2 set, 6-8 reps Bent over laterals – 1 set, 6-8 reps Cable side laterals – 1 set, 8-10 reps 3) Make your last warm-up set heavier, and it will allow you to go heavier next training.»

How to build shredded arms

To show everybody that you are strong as rock, you have to build large, muscular arms. To get such arms, you have to work on both triceps and biceps. Triceps are a larger muscular group than biceps; they form two thirds of the upper arm. Concentrate on exercises that focus on these two muscles. Here are the examples of arm workouts: Workout #1 Close Grip Bench Press 3×4-6 Cable Rope Overhead Tricep Extension 2×8-12 Cable One Arm Tricep Extension 2×15 with each arm Barbell Curl 3×4-6 Alternating Dumbbell Curls 2×8-12 Straight Bar Cable Curls 3×15 Palm Down Barbell Wrist Curls over Bench 5×25 Workout #2 Bench Dips 3×6-8 Decline Close Grip Bench to Skull Crushers 2×8-12 One Arm Triceps Extension 2×12 with each arm Incline Dumbbell Curls 3×6-8 Barbell Curl Lying Against an Incline 2×8-12 Lying Cable Curl 3×15 Cable Wrist Curl 5×50 Workout #3 Close Grip EZ Bar Curls 3×6-8 Cable Hammer Curls – Rope Attachment 3×12 Concentration Curls 3×15 with each arm Machine Dips 3×6-8 Decline Dumbbell Triceps Extensions 3×8-12 Kneeling Cable Concentration Triceps Extensions 3×15 with each arm Palms Up Barbell Wrist Curls over Bench  5×25 Don’t forget 3 main rules of training Train a maximum twice or 3 times per week.»
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