Greek Yogurt – Why you need it?

In recent years, the yogurt aisle at the supermarket has experienced something of a cultural revolution. Made by straining away liquid, Greek yogurts are packed with twice as much muscle-friendly protein and fewer carbohydrates as regular versions. One key amino acid that Greek yogurt has in spades is leucine, a branched-chain amino that appears to be an anabolic activator and a vital part of muscle protein synthesis. Choose lower-fat plain varieties (which are just as creamy and thick) for a better protein-to-fat ratio, and less gut-busting sugar and calories than flavored yogurts.»

Difference Between Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids

Many fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders fail to understand the importance of amino acids. It is common knowledge that in taking the right amount of protein is essential for muscle growth. However, the quality of protein totally relies on the balance of the amino acid composition. These are the building molecules of protein. They are actually the building blocks of protein. There are in total 23 different amino acids, which are divided in two groups: The essential and the non-essential.»

The Secret of Bodybuilding Supplements Revealed!

The majority of people, once they start bodybuilding, ask this question: “What is a bodybuilding supplement?” The simple answer to this question is that bodybuilding supplements are products that are usually taken by bodybuilders and athletes as a supplement to their normal diet. Bodybuilding supplements build up the muscles of the body and also increase the rate of the expansion of muscles which makes bodybuilding easier. Bodybuilding supplements can be used instead of meals.»

Build Muscle with Glutamine

It is well known that Glutamine is an amino acid of the BCAA’s or moreover the Branched Chain Amino Acids. many of the hard training athletes or bodybuilders fail to know is the value of this specific amino acid. Before we explain how significant Glutamine is for our muscles and our body, let us see what Glutamine really is. Glutamine is considered to be one of the 20 amino acids that are being produced from the human organism.»

What to do outside the gym to build muscle?

Does supplements help you recovering a bodybuilding workout? If you are concerned with bodybuilding and maintaining your body then you have to know that there is much more to do in order to achieve results outside of the gym, after and in between your workouts. Actually, muscles grows only outside of the gym. It’s just like destroying your muscles with each workout, to facilitate rebuilding them stronger each time. It is in the recovery from training where you can really achieve results and recently a lot of attention has been focused on post-workout nutrition.»
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