Jay Cutler Appearing Jan 29 at the 2012 LA FitExpo!

Current and 4 Time Mr. Olympia, Jay proved the naysayers wrong when he became the first athlete to ever regain the Mr. Olympia title after a loss with his fantastic win in 2009. In Jay’s annual appearance with LA FitExpo at TheFitExpo attendees will learn how to persevere over obstacles on your way to being the best you can be and how to use challenges as an impetus to improve. The Bodybuilding.com»

Three Methods To Burn Belly Fat and Build Six Pack Abs Faster

Continuous exercise is helpful if you want to get rid of belly fat more effectively. However there are things you need to do as well. In this article we look at 3 of the best way to burn belly fat more easily that relate to what you are in fact eating. FirstWhen looking for the best way to burn belly fat make sure that you include some lean protein in each of your meals.»

4 Methods To Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine

Increasing your metabolism is one of the most effective ways to help burn off unwanted fat. For Sure some people find this easier than others, But there are certain things you can do which can increase your metabolism effectively. In this article we look at four of the best way to increase your metabolism. 1 – Increase How Much You Eat We don’t mean increasing your calorie intake but rather you should eat more regularly.»

Ronnie Coleman in Hospital for Spinal Cord Injury!

Update: Ronnie Coleman made a 11 hour Back surgery Ronnie Coleman from hospital asked “You still wanna be 8 X Mr Olympia? As you can see, the price you have to pay is pretty painful. “ Ronnie Coleman is trying his best to walk again after the surgery Ronnie Coleman: Trying my best to get back to walking again. This is just another progress report as I promised you guys I would do from time to time.»

Heating Up to Get More Out of Your Workout

Getting to the gym for a regular workout has long been a part of your fitness regimen. Perhaps, though, you’re not currently seeing the results you want, despite adhering to a dedicated exercise schedule. Give some thought to hot workouts, as well as switching up your exercises every six weeks or so. Working out ‘hot’ benefits the body in numerous ways and a fresh routine will see you in the gym more often. Hot workouts increase flexibility, aid the immune system, and improve your cardiovascular health.»

3 Steps To Burn The Fat And Keep The Muscle

No matter what specific fitness goals you may have, ultimately we all want the same thing… We want to burn the fat off wherever it may have built up, while maintaining the underling muscle. Sure, there may be some variation in term of how much muscle we want to put on or how much fat we may want to burn off… But basically we all just want to look lean and ripped.»

Love Handles Men Want: Do It RIGHT!

Physicians claim that the love handles men want aren’t always easy to get. They’re very elusive for all of us! Some say that men are more prone to having fat around their waistline compared to women. Did you know that excess abdominal fat can result in chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high triglycerides? If you truly want to get rid of those love handles, then you must rethink your diet.»

Bodybuilding Workout Plan For Hardgainers

Have you been busting your butt in the gym only to have your progress stop because you hit a plateau? Or perhaps you are completely new to weight lifting and are looking for a solid muscle building workout plan? Either way, if you want to get big by adding pounds of muscle to your physique it’s critical that you read the following. In this article, I’m going to break down what you absolutely must be doing in the gym in order to see results.»

The Importance of Creatine for Bodybuilder

Competitive bodybuilders across the globe know that creatine is a key substance used for muscle development. As an often misunderstood chemical and supplement, the average fitness fan might be deterred from trying creatine. This is particularly true because contradictory information about creatine can make it difficult to distinguish exactly what it is and how it might be important to your health. Natural Creatine CycleThe liver, kidneys and pancreas naturally produce the amino acid creatine, which is converted into phosphocreatine during normal metabolic processes and then stored in the muscle cells.»

The Proper Recovery Tips For Bodybuilders

One of the major faults I see people making at the gym (or rather, after the gym) is failing to provide themselves with appropriate recovery. Proper recovery will allow you muscles to grow, improper recovery will not. What’s the point of going and working hard at the gym if you’re not going to do what’s necessary to let your muscles grow? Many people don’t realize that muscles don’t actually grow in the gym, they grow later.»
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