5 Guidelines to Choose the Best Protein Bar

Protein bars are a quick and easy protein source, especially for people who are on the go and have limited time. However, a common mistake when it comes to protein bars is that many fellow bodybuilders tend to replace the traditional protein sources such as protein-rich nutrition and protein shakes with protein bars.Although over the last years, the market is overwhelmed with quality protein bars produced from well-known companies, it still remains just a snack.»

6 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Off-Season

Hardcore intensity and superior dedication are what you need in order to pack on colossal muscle mass. The following six tips featured here will prime you for relentless training sessions and massive muscle gains – fast! Enough is enough! You’re sick and tired of worthless off-seasons that are only good for a couple pounds of added water and fat. Some high-quality muscle size is what you’re after and if you don’t get results fast, you’re going to snap!»

Professional Bodybuilders Talking About Nutrition

I Found this OLD-SCHOOL video of Jay Cutler, Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson with some former members of Team MuscleTech circa 2004-2005. The video may be vintage, but the information on nutrition is timeless – check it out! A Couple of professional bodybuilders talking about nutrition, and common nutrition mistakes made by amateurs. They also cover some nutritional myths. Really great high quality video, useful for everyone, bodybuilders and normal people who wants to fix their diet.»

The Secret to a Massive Back Muscle

When you think of the Mr. Olympia contest, what usually comes to mind?Yes, massive physiques crammed with tons of muscle, but something else too.Massive and complete back development.And it should, after all four of the most dominant Mr. Olympia winners of all time had serious back development.From Arnold to Lee to Dorian and to Ronnie, all four of these champions owned backs that were far ahead of their competitors.O.K.So how can you go about building a back like these champions-one that is massive and complete from top to bottom?Read»

Keeping Fit During The Winter

Staying healthy and in shape during the colder months of the year is very possible, if you are willing to put in the effort. By looking at the tips below, you can hope to avoid any common roadblocks and keep yourself in good working order no matter what. 1. Take on a Healthy Diet Many people, in an effort to stay warm during the winter, tend to eat foodsthat offer more comfort than nutrition; this is a mistake that you should avoidas much as possible.»

5 Back Exercises you Aren’t Doing

The back is a notoriously tough area totrain. There are three main reasons for this; a)   When people start out, theydon’t usually train their backs, mirror muscles like the chest, abs and bicepsget more attention, meaning the back is usually playing catch up b)  Since you can’t see your backin the mirror, it’s often difficult to form that mind-muscle connection sovital for adequately stimulating the muscle fibers c)   The back is complex musculaturewhich requires a range of different movements and grips to hit all thedifferent sections Training your back is crucial for youroverall physique, it is part of the crucial posterior chain forming thesupporting foundation of the entire body.»

Educating Your Muscles

If you takeyour lifting seriously, then are probably on a program that focuses all of yourattention on one major muscle group at a time. This is a powerful approach thatwill definitely get you as big and as hard as you would like to be. Focussingon each group, with maximum attention to form and intensity, will make you growfast and prevent injury. But unfortunately, this kind of approach is not theideal for the composition of your muscles. Muscles aremade of two kinds of fibres – fast twitch and slow twitch.»

Jay Cutler and Phil Heath at MuscleTech Headquarters

The morning of Muscletech’s Headquarters big day with Mr. Olympia champions Phil Heath and Jay Cutler! Jay Cutler and Phillip Heath came to Team MuscleTech HQ . The fans have voted and MuscleTech is filming an epic chest-training session with the two Mr. Olympia champions! See them go head-to-head behind the scenes at Team MuscleTech HQ in the following photos                                   Source : Official MuscleTech»

10 Ways to Eat for Gaining in the Right Spots

Take a moment to picture the sort of frame that most people who are into bodybuilding are looking for – wide shoulders that taper off into a trim waist, and below the waist, it grows large again courtesy of the quads. The look is completed by beefy forearms and calves. Sounds good, doesn’t it? If this is the sort of shape you’re interesting in having, the following tips can help you achieve what you desire. You do want to count calories.When»

Team MuscleTech Hardcore Back Workout

Looking for a back workout that will challenge you? Give this routine a try! It incorporates some heavy deadlifts for overall thickness, while also utilizing lat pulldowns and wide-grip t-bar rows for width. It’s one of our classic back workouts that we’re featuring again because it’s that good! Best of luck! RECOMMENDED TRAINING STACK:Pre-Workout: NeuroCore (increased pumps, focus, intensity, energy and strength)Post-Workout: Anabolic Halo ( all-in-one post-workout formula that delivers creatine, l-carnitine and the amino acids your body needs after any hardcore workout) Branch and Johnnie working through their own big back session. Lat Pulldowns: 4 x 10-12(1 warm-up set, 3 working sets) Deadlifts: 5 x 6-10(Heavy w/ strict form) One-Arm Dumbbell Rows: 3 x 8-10SUPERSET WITH: Wide-Grip T-Bar Rows: 3 x MAX Close-Grip Pulldowns: 3 x 10-12SUPERSET WITH: Hyper Extensions: 3 x 12-15 Train Hard,Rob – Team MuscleTech Article Source : Official MuscleTech®»
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