Research: Bigger Legs Improve Heart Health

A recent study has revealed that leg size can make all the difference in heart health. Scientists from Denmark monitored almost 3,000 people for more than 10 years for progress of heart disease and total death. Those with a leg size just below 22 inches (measured at the top of the leg) had about double the risk of developing cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases, in addition to total death, over those 10-plus years.»

2012 Arnold Classic Competitor List

The 24th Annual 2012 Arnold Classic will be held March 2-3 at Veteran Memorial and the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio during the Arnold Sports Festival. 2012 Arnold Classic Invite List: Fouad Abiad Gustavo Badell Lionel Beyeke Matthias Botthof Evan Centopani Eduardo Correa Brandon Curry Dexter Jackson Michael Kefalianos Ben Pakulski Shawn Rhoden Branch Warren Ben White Dennis Wolf»

Professional Bodybuilders Talking About Nutrition

I Found this OLD-SCHOOL video of Jay Cutler, Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson with some former members of Team MuscleTech circa 2004-2005. The video may be vintage, but the information on nutrition is timeless – check it out! A Couple of professional bodybuilders talking about nutrition, and common nutrition mistakes made by amateurs. They also cover some nutritional myths. Really great high quality video, useful for everyone, bodybuilders and normal people who wants to fix their diet.»

Branch Warren Triceps and Shoulders Workout

Interview with Branch Warren, preparing for the Arnold Classic of 6-7 march 2009 Branch Warren first competed in 1992 when he won the bodybuilders Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Teenage Mr. America competition. His first National Physique Committee (NPC) event was the Teenage Nationals, where he won again. His first IFBB event was at the 2004 Night of Champions competitions, where he placed 8th. His first Mr. Olympia was in 2005, where he placed 8th.»

Branch Warren Bodybuilder Workouts Standing Dumbell Curls

Branch Warren explains his tips and techniques for standing dumbell curls.“In my opinion, THE best exercise to build mass in the biceps.” Branch Warren on standing dumbbell curls. Starting Position: Hold a dumbbell in each hand while standing.  Your palms should be facing in with your arms to your side.  Your feet should be shoulder width apart and you should be standing straight, facing forward. Performing the Exercise: Slowly raise your right arm, moving the weight towards your chest while you twist your wrist up.»

Branch Warren’s MuscleTech Chest Workout

If you want to build a massive chest, I would just stick to the basics. I would recommend starting off bodybuilding workout with barbell or dumbbell incline press, then go to flat press, then do decline press, and then finish off with some kind of fly motion like cable crossovers or pectoral fly machine. Weighted dips are a great way to really finish off your workout and fatigue the pec muscles.»

Branch Warren Quads Workout

His workout is like no other. If you still undertake one, you best be ready to provide your muscles some hot chicken soup, a foil coat, and some sorrow psychotherapy. Regardless of his surroundings, God-given genetics, travel schedule, and duties required to run his freight company and crop farm, Branch maintains the intensity of a Yellowstone buffalo looking to break your liver because you took a picture with her calf. Call me sordid or submissive, but I always ensure that I visit the Texan when a leg session will fall during my stay at the Warren household. The enduring pain of physical manipulation with the 2011 Arnold Classic winner leads me to believe that Dante got it all wrong.»

Jay Cutler Wins 4th Mr.Olympia 2010

First: Jay Cutler   Jay Cutler At The 2010 Olympia.   In 2009 Jay Cutler – who lots of had written off due to his inconsistent conditioning and the quality of competition coming though the IFBB pro ranks – came out of nowhere and dominated all competitors to win his third Sandow. they did much the same thing last weekend, but probably did not have the general impact and fresh, crisp muscle they displayed last year.»
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