Dairy diet and how to overcome its difficulties

To build muscles you need a lot of protein. Of course, you can eat kilos of chicken breasts and dozens of eggs. But that’s not enough. You should eat a variety of protein sources. Include dairy in your diet. Dairy contains both whey and casein proteins, which are rich in branched- chain amino acids and can help you to burn fat. Unfortunately, not everybody can eat dairy because it contains lactose And that’s what we are going to tell you today.»

Basics of bodybuilding

You are planning to start exercising and building muscle. You want to get a great body and maybe become an athlete or bodybuilder. But what would you start from? Pulling the dumbbells? Running on the running track? Or maybe working on getting chiseled pecs? Hell, no. You should start with thinking what you eat and drink. The basics of bodybuilding are water, oxygen, vitamins and minerals and good food. To make your body work, you should obtain essential nutrients from a well-balanced diet.»
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