Make Your Bench Bigger And Stronger In 5 Steps

The training program I created led to a gigantic increase, not only in my bench press but my strength overall. If you read on you will see how you too can increase your overall strength and more importantly your bench! The one question we are all guaranteed to be asked when you meet new people and they notice that you workout is: “How Much Do You Bench?” No matter how much we such as to think that we leave our egos at the door of the gym when its time to workout, we are all guilty of maxing out just to see, “How much we can bench.”I»

Best Mass Training For Bench

When you talk about mass training benches, we mainly have three options available. The first one is the plane one then comes modifiable and final but not the least is the inclined one. Well, the modifiable mass training benches can be positioned and adjusted according to your requirements. You can make it flat or incline it to an angle of 90 degrees. On the other hand, the plane and inclined mass benches can never be modified or adjusted.»

Weight Training Secrets For Beginners

In case you have begun bodybuilding or have recently made the decision to do so – congratulations. No other activity you can pick to participate in holds as plenty of all round benefits for your health, confidence & self-esteem as the pursuit of the ideal body.This editorial will share with you some golden weight training beginner’s secrets that you can use to speed up your Bodybuilding progress.Don’t Reinvent the WheelIt sounds like shameless promotion, but honestly, there is no require to go through years of trial & error to find what works when there is already a lot incredible information available from individuals who have achieved the body you desire.But»

The Five Benefits of the Deadlifts!

deadlift technique One of the best overall total body lifts you can engage in is the dead lift. Now when I say dead lift I don’t mean having a locked knee-straight back poor process for causing you to slip a disk in your back! This is NOT the way to execute this lift. You see you ought to perform the dead lift along with your hips & glutes by keeping a straight flat back & hinging at your hips, not a lot at your knees.»

Bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson 765 lb. deadlifts

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson deadlifts 765 pounds for two reps at Stroud’s Fitness Center on June 9, 2008. Johnnie plans to compete in a powerlifting meet later in June, 2008, before competing in the IFBB Europa Pro Bodybuuilding Championships in Dallas in August, 2008.»

10 Awesome Weight Training Tips

10 tips. Is that enough? I consider the topic of weight training and doing it properly and I think of volumes of material, but I will do my best to condense what I consider the most important things into one article. Here goes. 1. Have A Plan.  Why do most people fail? They do not set goals and write out detailed designs on how they will attain the goals that they set for themselves.»

Blast Your Chest

    By: Planet Muscle It was one of those rare moments where I thought I was dreaming. In fact, that would be putting it mildly! It was one of those rare moments in my 18 years when I was so blown away by what I was experiencing that I can barely describe it to you. It was 1978, the event, the Southern Cup Bodybuilding Championships in Tampa, Florida. I had just witnessed top Mr.»
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