10 tips to get ripped six pack

Every guy is dreaming to know the secret how to get ripped six-pack. And we are going to give you the most useful tips how to get amazing abs. 1) Train your abs everywhere and every time you have a chance to. If you are stuck in traffic, do static ab contractions. You can also pull your belly button in toward your spine and hold for a count of 10. 2) Reduce total amount of your body fat and burn more calories.»

The Muscle Building Pros of Cons

Bust through training plateaus with eccentric loading. Lee Boyce, CPT We all know about the classic exercising scheme, when you start to lift “slow and controlled” so that you can feel each rep of work-out in the gym. That’s the mainstay of the workout science. It is like the trunk of a great tree, and in genealogy of workouts, all other workouts come from it. We have to admit that’s the perfect scheme for beginners.»
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