Branch Warren Bodybuilder Workouts Standing Dumbell Curls

Branch Warren explains his tips and techniques for standing dumbell curls.“In my opinion, THE best exercise to build mass in the biceps.” Branch Warren on standing dumbbell curls. Starting Position: Hold a dumbbell in each hand while standing.  Your palms should be facing in with your arms to your side.  Your feet should be shoulder width apart and you should be standing straight, facing forward. Performing the Exercise: Slowly raise your right arm, moving the weight towards your chest while you twist your wrist up.»

Biceps Hammer Curls Exercise

Video clip illustrating proper form of the hammer curl exercise for biceps. The key in this arm exercise is a slow and controlled motion without swinging or jerking. Make sure to keep your elbows pinned at your sides and dont allow them to move forward or backward. As with any dumbbell exercise, form is key if you want to maximize your muscle building efforts and minimize the chance of injury. Don’t use too much weight, if you can’t do the exercise slowly then you need to go lighter.»

Home Bodybuilding workout For Bigger Biceps

The barbell curl is a great mass building exercise for the arms you can do at home with just an inexpensive barbell set. Form is key on this, most folks at the gym use terrible form. In this exercise, your elbows are pinned to your sides – the do not move one bit. Nothing moves except your your forearms. Your back, legs, head are all completely motionless. If you have to swing or bounce then you are using way too much weight.»

Bomb Your Biceps With Barbells For Maximum Size!

Barbell training is a very effective method to build massive biceps due to the nature of the loading force and intensity. Here’s how you can build an effective biceps workout using barbells. Find out more. Bomb Your Biceps! After you’ve built a good base of support using all of the major core lifts that target in to work the greatest number of muscles at once such as the squat, deadlift, row, shoulder press, and bench press, you might want to shift your focus and start concentrating in on the smaller muscles that you now wish to bring up and really get to a high level of definition. For many of you, this is going to be the arm muscles – the biceps in particular.»

Weight Lifting Exercises: Close-Grip Barbell Curls

Close-grip barbell curl weight lifting exercises work the inner part of the biceps. Learn to do close-grip barbell curl exercises with tips from a personal trainer in this free weight lifting video.Expert: Brad AubryBio: Brad Aubry is CEO of VersaFit, as well as a national natural bodybuilder, certified personal trainer and a nutrition and fitness therapy specialist through International Sports Science Association.Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz»
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