Extra simple tips to build muscles

We have already talked about some simple tips to build muscles, and here have a look at some more of them. 1) Eat plenty of protein. Without enough amount of protein you can’t build great muscles. For those who don’t know, you should consume 1-2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. 2) Eat plenty of carbohydrates. The higher the level of carbs in the body, the more likely you are going to remain in anabolic environment.»

7 tips how to deadlift properly

Deadlift is a perfect exercise that targets quads, hamstrings, gluteal muscles, lower back, traps, and forearms. There are 2 major types of deadlift exercise: Conventional deadlift, which is performed with your feet approximately shoulder width apart. It’s one of top bodybuilding exercises. It works every fiber in your physique. Sumo stance deadlift. This exercise is performed with a very wide foot stance. It shortens the distance the bar has to travel.»

Build a massive back

Most of the guys, who go to gym, work on building chiseled abs, chest, arms, shoulders, whatever, just not the back. They neglect this part of body. But if you are going to build a great body, you have to work on all groups of muscle, and back is not an exception. A weak back combined with an overdeveloped chest and shoulders is likely to seem a culprit. As a bonus, when you have proper posture you also look taller, so it’s a double win.»

Should you introduce Dead Lifting to your exercises?

Is deadlifting really as effective as they say? Read my blog and understand why it should be included in your workout and why technique is so important. Individuals who want to improve their strength, posture, and overall health usually include dead lift exercises in their fitness program. This exercise is an integral component of a strength development program that virtually works every muscle in the body and emphasizes hips, thighs, buttocks, lower back, the shoulders, and the forearms.»

Deadlift with Jim Cordova

Bodybuilder workouts by Jim Cordova explains his tips on how you can get maximum size and strength gains with the chambered barĀ  deadlift bodybuilder workouts. Team MuscleTech Bodybuilder workouts hard for huge muscle growth. They supplement with only the best bodybuilding and sport supplement for bodybuilder around — MuscleTech supplement for bodybuilder! We hope that you’ve found what you need in our website, We’ve other subjects in our website about bodybuilder workouts, supplement for bodybuilder, photos of bodybuilding, bodybuilder tips, tips of bodybuilding, arnold bodybuilder, bodybuilder program, bodybuilder diets, diets for bodybuilding»

Squat and Deadlift Workout – Legs, Lower Back, and Abs

Max Effort Squat WorkoutWarm up with 10 minutes on the concept 2 rowing machine (ergometer).Low box squats pyramiding up in weight to a max effort heavy set of 3 reps.Lying leg curls 5 sets of 5 reps.High rep partial deadlifts 2 sets of 20 reps.Pull Down Abs 5 sets of 10 reps.Pull Throughs with low pulley cable 3 sets of 10 reps.»

Johnnie Jackson warms up for deadlift competition

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson warms up backstage for deadlift competition at the 2008 USPF National Powerlifting Championships in Rhode Isalnd on June 29, 2008. Official contest photos and video available from Santilli Photo & Video»

Bring Your Mass Alive With Deadlifts!

It is a proven fact that if you want quality muscle, heavy deadlifting is one of the best overall muscle-building exercises. Ive been a world-ranked powerlifter and competitive bodybuilder with a good segment of my success coming from the deadlift.   Have you ever heard the advice that a bodybuilder should not deadlift because it makes his waist wide and thick? It is a proven fact that if you want quality muscle, heavy deadlifting is one of the best overall muscle-building exercises.»

The life of a BodyBuilder

This is a really inspirational bodybuilding video. It has Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, and Arnold in it.»
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