Easy abs exercises you can do anywhere

We all want to get tight abs, but we all convince ourselves that we don’t have enough time to go to a gym and workout. All right, you might be busy to go to a gym, but all of us have few free minutes to perform exercises at home or anywhere else. You don’t need any equipment to get ripped abs. Just get energy and some time for yourself and your body.»

Top 3 exercises to get a perfect butt

Many bodybuilders work on all groups of muscles, but not glutes. They dream about having a massive back, ripped abs and strong legs, but neglect glutes exercises. So, at the end they get superb abs and a weak, bad looking butt. You have to work on developing your glutes not just for looking good in favorite jeans, but also to have a proportional body and to make all your muscles strong as stone.»

Gym etiquette: Part 2

We have already talked about some rules of gym community, and here have a look at some more of them. Take care of equipment you use. If you notice that something is broken, report to management of the gym immediately. Don’t leave anything on the bar when you’re done. Put all equipment items back to their spots and it will save time when you are looking for what you need. Don’t be distracted and don’t distract others.»

Gym etiquette: Part 1

Gym is not just a place where you exercise. It’s a community of people, who have the same aims, who want to lose fat and build muscles. And as all communities, a gym also has backroom rules, which you have to keep. Follow the rules and maintain the safest, most productive training environment around you. The gym is a public place, and the weights belong to everyone. If the gym is empty, you can use weights as you want, without any limits.»

Train at home

Don’t have enough money to join a gym?Don’t want to get sweaty in front of others? Home training is exactly what you need. You just don’t notice everything around you, but you can use it as equipment for your training. Why don’t we use stairs as a part of workout? Every day when we go to work, home, shops, wherever, we try to avoid them and to use elevator instead. We consider stairs as some sort of inconvenience.»

Drop Sets for Mass Gain

In this video we are going to talk about drop sets and an easy way to do them at home. Now most of you know what drop sets are but for those that dont, its an advanced techinque where you do as many reps as you can, then lower the weight, and without any rest, continue to do as many as you can. Its a great technique for breaking thru a plateau when your strength gains have stagnated.»

Training Like a Boxer Without Expensive Equipment

In the modern day gym is a huge convenience for most people andas busy as the average person is, it’s no wonder. Treadmills, weight lifting machines,cardio classes and full service locker rooms give members everything we needfor a dream workout. For anyone who has a specific purpose to their training programs such as wanting to get a lean physique like Oscar de la Hoya or becometoned like Hilary Swank, the general consensus is that you need a gym withexpensive weight lifting equipment to do so.»

Should You Buy A Home Gym?

If you’re looking for home exercise equipment and aren’t sure what you should buy, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the different options available. However, purchasing a home gym may be one of the best choices you can make since it can offer you so many different kinds of workouts and help you workout as though you’re actually in a commercial gym. In order to find the home gym that is best for you, you need to consider a few things.»
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