8 Weeks to Bigger, Better Shoulders

Try these shoulder exercises if you want to add serious size to your shoulders! Remember to consult your doctor before starting any diet and exercise plan. If you’re serious about training, you’ll want to build the widest and thickest shoulders your frame can carry. With huge, rock-hard shoulders, you’ll never have to wear several layers to look big again, not to mention your waist will look smaller too. But how do you go about building the shoulders of a true champion?»

Ever Wondered How Much To Train? Read This And Find Out!

One of the biggest problems a newbie bodybuilder faces is determining how much to train. When they start a bodybuilding program, after having never exercised with weights before, the body generally responds relatively fast. The new bodybuilder can see gains in muscle size and a firming of the body within the first few weeks and this encourages them to train harder. This is where the problems start to begin. After the initial burst of muscle development, the body will begin to plateau for a while, and increasing the training will only lead to a case of over training.»

Three Steps To Get Rid of Man Boobs

First of all – what the heck are man boobs? Man boobs are when your male chest becomes distended like female boobs. They could be anything from small protrusions, to full blown man breast that usually come with being overweight.   Lets face it, having man boobs is embarrassing! These can not only be an unhealthy extra weight on your body, but also an embarrassment when going out to the pool, the beach, or any place else you want to take your shirt off.»

You Want A Big Chest? Read This And Make It Happen!

Everyone wants a huge chest, plain and simple. It is all too common to see inexperienced lifters slaving away on endless sets of bench presses and cable crossovers in search of full, thick pecs. The reality is that there is nothing complicated about building an impressive chest. The bottom line for huge chest gains is consistency, effort and steady progression in weight and repetitions.   The chest is made up of two main heads, the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor.»

Advantages of iPad in Bodybuilding

Using Your iPad To Your Muscle Building Advantage!
  Okay, the iPad came out and you just had to have one, right? After a few days of watching reruns on it and checking your email in the bathroom, you very quickly realized that you have a $500 toy that essentially does what your computer does. But what should you be doing on it? There are literally thousands of applications for the iPad that all offer a variety of tools for helping you to build muscle, lose fat, and get stronger.»

Why Symmetry Is Important And How To Achieve It

Frank Zane the most symmetrical Mr. Olympia in bodybuilding history
Symmetry is a very important factor for anyone who enjoys working out in the gym, i’m sure we have all seen the guy walking around the gym showing off his amazing top half physique and then you notice he is walking around with stick thin legs…Now if that is the look he wants then fair enough but wouldn’t you like to have the full package? Think about creating an evenly proportioned top and bottom, all you need to do is understand one simple rule.»

Consuming Protein Right Before Bed Could Aid in Muscle Recovery

A midnight snack might not be such a bad idea. According to a new study, consuming protein right before bed could aid in muscle recovery [1]. (Morning burpees, anyone?) Sixteen young men were put to the test: They worked out at 8 pm for slightly less than an hour, then immediately ate a meal filled with protein and carbs. Thirty minutes before their midnight bedtime, some participants consumed a beverage with casein protein (which we digest slower than many other forms of protein [2]).»

Top 10 Supplements for Beginners

Thousands of bodybuilding supplements have been introduced and tested. Some are proven to work while some are just waste of precious money. Experienced bodybuilders and athletes have listed the top 10 effective bodybuilding supplements and these are the following:   1. Probiotics. Probiotics are made from good bacteria like acidopilus and bifidus. They help the digestive system to work properly. Manufactured products containing probiotics includes special powder, yogurts, probiotic drinks, and capsules.»

Seth Feroce Explains His Tip on Spider Curls

Bodybuilding workout footage. 60 Seconds on Muscle series. Bodybuilder Seth Feroce explains his tip on spider curls. This bodybuilder has some impressively wide shoulders and massive arms. Team MusccleTech bodybuilders workout hard for huge muscle growth.»
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