Top 10 Mass Gainers

Gaining weight as part of a fitness plan is an incredibly difficult task – adding pounds of muscle requires excess calories, yet working out burns calories. Athletes often have a hard time outpacing their daily calorie requirements and thus rely on weight gainer  to provide assistance. As with everything else, weight gain supplements vary in quality, so be sure to choose carefully. Muscle Asylum Project Mass Impact Mass Impact’s excellent formula provides 1,020 calories and just five grams of sugar and five grams of fat.»

3 Exercises For A Great Triceps Definition

The triceps brachii is a vastly popular muscle group. Comprised of three distinct heads (hence the tri or three prefix), they are used in a variety of everyday activities. The three heads that compose the triceps brachii are the lateral, long, and medial heads. Each of these aspects can be engaged by a multitude of tricep exercises. The first of these tricep exercises is possibly the most popular: the tricep push-down.»

Elliptical Trainers for The Less Motivated

Lacking the motivation to go to the gym every day and work out for hours at a time is not a crime. Most of us lead busy and stressful lives that see us rushing from point to point and barely getting enough time to rest or to interact with friends let alone to workout. At the same time many of us have various aches and pains, wake up tired and without that urge to get up and go, and generally require huge amounts of effort to exert ourselves as is necessary to do a workout.»

Healthy foods to compliment a workout

How you eat is just as important as how you work out when it comes to building muscle and boosting your fitness level. Eat the wrong foods, and you won’t get the results you’re expecting. On the other hand, you’re not relegated to eating a diet of eggs, chicken breasts and cottage cheese to build muscle. Discover these six fitness foods that’ll shake up your taste buds and add variety to your diet.»

Top 3 Lower Abs Exercises

Do you want to know the best exercises for lower abs so that you can achieve that flat stomach that you really wanted all along? There are maybe so many stomach exercises for the abs, but only a few of can give you positive results. One of the best exercises for lower abdomen is the bicycle crunch. You can do this exercise by lying down with your back against the floor.»

Ronnie Coleman Age 25, 1989 Photos

He started training for competition at age 25 (Metroflex Gym) but had weight trained for many years prior to that. “Ronnie left Louisiana for Dallas, where he expected to find greater job opportunities in his chosen field. Instead, he was denied time after time in his quest, and delivered newspapers, and pizzas for Domino’s to make ends meet. “Domino’s was the hardest job I ever had,” he recalls. “I dreaded every day working there, but I knew I was destined for something better.”»

5 Methods to Boost Your Metabolism

Here are five effective diet and training strategies designed to help you boost your metabolism to help you burn more calories! Remember to consult your doctor before starting any diet and exercise plan.   Your metabolism functions with a set of chemical reactions within your body that help you efficiently utilize the calories you consume. Not only is it responsible for regulating such bodily functions as breathing, blood circulation and muscle contraction, but it also plays a major role in your body’s ability to burn calories.»

Giuliano Stroe The Strongest Kid in the World Doing Push ups

The clip, released on YouTube Friday, shows seven-year-old Giuliano Stroe balance his hands and feet using green glass bottles. Once he steadies himself on the small bottle tops, he proceeds to do 12 push ups. Father Iulian Stroe, 36, previously said: ‘He has been going to the gym with me ever since he was born. I always took him with me when I went training. This is not little Giuliano’s first brush with fame.»
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