How to get a fighting shape

If your plan is to get a fighting shape, you have to be ready for hard and exhausting workouts, because to win the fight you must be strong and powerful as a stone. Start your workout with a good warm up, which will give you enough energy for all the training and will help to avoid injuries. The best option for you is to perform a warm up outdoors, mixing running and fast walking.»

Easy abs exercises you can do anywhere

We all want to get tight abs, but we all convince ourselves that we don’t have enough time to go to a gym and workout. All right, you might be busy to go to a gym, but all of us have few free minutes to perform exercises at home or anywhere else. You don’t need any equipment to get ripped abs. Just get energy and some time for yourself and your body.»

Top 3 exercises to get a perfect butt

Many bodybuilders work on all groups of muscles, but not glutes. They dream about having a massive back, ripped abs and strong legs, but neglect glutes exercises. So, at the end they get superb abs and a weak, bad looking butt. You have to work on developing your glutes not just for looking good in favorite jeans, but also to have a proportional body and to make all your muscles strong as stone.»

The Secret to a Massive Back Muscle

When you think of the Mr. Olympia contest, what usually comes to mind?Yes, massive physiques crammed with tons of muscle, but something else too.Massive and complete back development.And it should, after all four of the most dominant Mr. Olympia winners of all time had serious back development.From Arnold to Lee to Dorian and to Ronnie, all four of these champions owned backs that were far ahead of their competitors.O.K.So how can you go about building a back like these champions-one that is massive and complete from top to bottom?Read»

Top Lower Back Exercises for Bodybuilders

The major part of the human body is the lower back. Long-lasting pains canbe evaded if the lower back is actuality trained frequently. There are numerousexercises that are for lower back reinforcement. Here are some of them: Barbell DeadliftsBarbell dead-lifts is probably the best and most effective exercise for the lower back. Here is how to perform it correctly: Stand in front of the barbell, keep your back straight and slowly bent over and grasp the barbell at a shoulder width.»
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