Mr. Olympia 2012 Men’s Finals Photos

Mr. Olympia 2012 Men's Finals Photos
Photos from the 2012 Mr. Olympia Men’s Finals Mr. Olympia Results 2012- 1- Phil Heath- $250,000 2- Kai Greene-$100,000 3- Shawn Rhoden- $75,000 4- Dexter Jackson-$50,000 5- Branch Warren 6- Dennis Wolf 7 – Toney Freeman 8 – Evan Centopani 9 – Johnnie Jackson 10 – Lionel Beyeke [nggallery id=6]»

Kai Greene Vs Phil Heath in Mr.Olympia 2012

Kai Greene Vs Phil Heath in Mr.Olympia 2012 Heath has put on tremendous size, you can see it in his face he’s coming in a lot heavier than before, but he doesn’t look near as conditioned as 2011. Kai is looking sharper than last year. My guess is Phil wins it, he has the aesthetics and genetics on his side, he wins in more poses than Kai, he simply is the better bodybuilder.»

Jay Cutler out of 2012 Mr.Olympia

The rumors are true, Jay is out of this year’s Olympia, but don’t worry, you can still meet him at this year’s Olympia Fitness and Performance expo at “Cutler Athletics” in booth 1406. But don’t worry Jay says he will be back and ready to try and win back the title of Mr. Olympia in 2013! Jay Cuter has pulled out of the Olympia this year, making way for what would appear to be another title for Phil Heath.»
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