Overtraining, when it’s time to stop?

You are exercising every day and spending hours in a gym. You are trying as hard as you can, and at the end of the training week you just have no power to move on. You were training too much. Nobody says it’s bad to put many efforts trying to get a great body, but there is nothing good in overtraining. Overtraining leads to loss of motivation and enthusiasm and lack of appetite.»

5 mistakes of beginning lifters

1) Overtraining Who told you that you have to work out every day? Training every day is one of the worst things you can do with your body. Even 5 days a week will be too much. Your body needs to recover and build muscles. Don’t exhaust yourself. Maybe you are stuck and you don’t see the progress in a mirror after every week, but it doesn’t mean you don’t train enough.»

12 Symptoms of Overtraining

I’ve seen people get so motivated to succeed that they start doing a little too much and ultimately hurt their gains. For instance, I have a couple of buddies that brought their calories so low, their bodies didn’t have the nutrients needed to fuel their workouts which resulted in their metabolism shutting down in order to conserve energy. Another example of overtraining is when a couple of buddies and I got so motivated to work out a few years back and got such a high when we were doing it, that we’d often forget to rest.»
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