Watch Kai Greene And Phil Heath Fight On Stage 2014 Mr. Olympia

The tension was high in the prejudging for the Mr.Olympia 2104. Phil Heath the Mr Olympia champion for the last three years and Kai Greene his biggest competition this year got into a fight on stage. It seems like they touch each other during the most muscular pose and Kai Greene is not happy with it. Watch the video of this interesting occurrence on this years Mr Olympia prejudging.     // Post by Bodybuilding Tipsㅣ

Phil Heath wins the 2014 Mr. Olympia

Phil Heath edged past his rival Kai Greene to take first spot. Shawn Rhoden edged past last year’s third place holder Dennis Wolf to take third spot while Dennis had to settle for fourth. This victory was a special one as it took place on the 50th anniversary of this competition. The late Joe Weider started this competition 50 years ago with his brother Ben Weider and only13 athletes have won this title since then.»

Phil Heath wins 2013 Mr. Olympia!

Phil Heath stood above the rest and earned the honor of being named the 2013 Mr. Olympia. The Mr. Olympia 2013 results are not easy for the judges to call in tight competition in a rowdy crowd on Sunday night at the full house Orleans Hotel Arena in Las Vegas. Somehow, Phil Heath wins Mr. Olympia title along with Sandow thropy for the third straight year.   Team Muscle Tech the sponsor of phil said who has continually risen over the past few years to put himself on top of the sport they noted: Phil Heath wins again!!!!!!»

All information about Mr. Olympia 2013 Weekend

The whole world is waiting for the 2013 Mr. Olympia, contest of professional bodybuilders to be held on September 26-29, 2013 in Nevada. It will be the 49th Mr. Olympia competition to be held. Initially, the contest was created by Canadian bodybuilder Joe Weider in 1985. The first goal of the contest was to allow Mr. Universe winners to continue competing and earn money. But the competition became extraordinary famous, when Arnold Schwarzenegger became Mr.»

2012 Mr.Olympia Prejudging Last call-out Phil Heath Vs Kai Greene Photos!

2012 Mr.Olympia Prejudging Last call-out Phil Heath Vs Kai Greene Photos! Click on the thumbnail to see gallery [nggallery id=3] Kai winning: Front Lat spread Back double bicep Side Chest Abs and thighs Front double bicep (Close, Kai obviously bigger, thicker chest, better peaks) Phil winning: Rear lat spread (but close) Side Triceps Draw: Most muscular I got Kai just winning now. If Kai can come in with even better conditioning tomorrow, he wins it.»

Kai Greene Vs Phil Heath in Mr.Olympia 2012

Kai Greene Vs Phil Heath in Mr.Olympia 2012 Heath has put on tremendous size, you can see it in his face he’s coming in a lot heavier than before, but he doesn’t look near as conditioned as 2011. Kai is looking sharper than last year. My guess is Phil wins it, he has the aesthetics and genetics on his side, he wins in more poses than Kai, he simply is the better bodybuilder.»

Phil Heath – Tips For Young Bodybuilders

An Interview With Phil Heath – On Tips for Young Bodybuilders. Mr Olympia Phil Heath gives everyone his best tips for young and upcoming bodybuilders. Phil Heath – Mr Olympia & Nick Jones – World Bodybuilding Champion  »

Jay Cutler and Phil Heath at MuscleTech Headquarters

The morning of Muscletech’s Headquarters big day with Mr. Olympia champions Phil Heath and Jay Cutler! Jay Cutler and Phillip Heath came to Team MuscleTech HQ . The fans have voted and MuscleTech is filming an epic chest-training session with the two Mr. Olympia champions! See them go head-to-head behind the scenes at Team MuscleTech HQ in the following photos                                   Source : Official MuscleTech»
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