Guide to right nutrition

When you already set up your aims and ready to follow the way of getting a great body, don’t focus only on long exhausting workouts in a gym. Nobody is saying that it’s not right. It’s just not enough. To achieve your aims, you should also change your eating habits. And we are talking now not just about diet to lose weight. It’s much better and very important to get right nutrition and keep healthy eating habits.»

How to survive during holidays overeating!

Holiday is the hard time for those who keep diet. You want to break your diet and eat something special, more delicious than cucumbers and tomato. Such a temptation! How to survive during holiday and not to gain more weight? First of all, we don’t say that you can’t eat any delicious dinner or dessert. No, you don’t have to be so strict in your diet regime now. Come on, it’s a holiday, you can have some indulgence.»
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