7 Reasons Why Workouts Fail You

While literally millions of people work out, very few realize true workout success. Most dabble in the gym on and off, never getting results. They quit working out, usually under a myriad of excuses along the lines of being too busy or of disappointment that “they’re just not seeing results”. Below are seven common reasons why workouts fail.¬† 1. You Don’t Have Clear Goals¬† If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.»

Gaining Weight With Protein Powder

Those who wish to gain weight aren’t usually talking about gaining it through eating lots of fatty foods and under exercising in order to increase the size of their stomach. People looking to gain weight instead of lose it are most likely intending to gain extra muscle and therefore strength, or just a physique that may be considered attractive to the opposite sex. Basically this type of weight comes about through weight training, and a common term for people who engage in this activity is “bodybuilders”. Bodybuilders, if serious about body building will regularly train with weights and eat certain foods that aid in the process.»

The Six Pack Abs Myth Exposed – A Better Way to Get Ripped

The common assumption is that in the event you require Six pack abs, you ought to do sizable amounts of crunches. & if you are serious some decline bench crunches, & possibly some ab work on an exercise ball. Tons of crunches will mean more ‘cut’ abs & give you that Six pack. Wrong. Though not entirely… Yes, to receive a six pack you require to do ab exercises. & that is what you see when you look at somebody with a Six pack – their abs.»

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson training

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson does part of a circuit training routine for biceps and triceps May 14 in Texas. Johnnie plans to compete in a powerlifting contest in June and a pro bodybuilding event in August.»
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