Pineapple Marshmallow Protein Cake Recipe

  RECIPE: Beat 3 egg whites till fully peaked, I add in 6-7g splenda for taste, In a seperate bowl i mixed in two sachets of aeroplane jelly lite (use flavouring of choice) and added in 10g EXTRA gelatine (there should roughly be 30g gelatine in your bowl now) ~ macros here are 34P/0.8C/0F (poor in 200ml cold water, stir continuously, then add 200ml hot water, and continue to stir). Now add the jelly into the peaked egg whites (tablespoon at a time – whilst beating continously, until you have a small amount of jelly left in your bowl – (beat the eggs in a large bowl as the egg whites/jelly mix creates a large amount of volume).»
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