Top Eight Foods to Supercharge Your Weight Gaining Effort

If you have been dreaming to gain more weight in order to achieve a muscular body, you should put more importance on your diet nutrition by knowing what that best weight gaining foods are. This is especially true to those who are skinny and wants to put on some weight. Check out this list of some of the best foods to help you to gain weight and achieve a muscular body.»

Differences Between Whey and Casein Protein

This is a very common question among bodybuilders who wish to support their hard work out in order to gain pure muscles. Here is a detailed analysis of both protein types. Whey protein is a byproduct of cheese production. When cheese is being produced there is a certain amount of liquid left over. That is Whey protein. It is being dried in order to make the protein powder. Its greatest advantage is that Whey protein is considered to be a fast active protein.»

Post workout Nutrition

Last month I discussed early morning CV and nutrition. Since then I have had several enquiries about correct post-workout nutrition. This is a controversial area with many theories bandied about. Many advocate carbs along with protein as a post-workout meal to prompt an insulin spike (in order to shunt more protein into muscle cells), but hard evidence for this is scarce. I advocate whey protein in water immediately after you finish your final set of the workout.»

Is it harder to lose fat by eating after 7pm?

By James Collier BSc (Hons) – Nutrition Consultant You hear it a lot don’t you? Experts say that you shouldn’t eat after 7pm as it’s harder to lose weight. Calories consumed after 6-7pm count more. But is this true? There are a number of problems with this claim. Firstly, we all go to bed at different times, so how can eating after 7pm, have the same significance for someone who goes to bed at mid-night, compared to someone who retires at 9pm?»

Five New Year Supplements For Better Brain Power And Focus

If you are one of those people who can multi-task effectively and have your email, tweetdeck, facebook messaging and text messaging turned on at the same time and still work while simultaneously answering constant interruptions, I need to meet you. Focusing on one thing is hard enough these days without the growing number of distractions that consume our time. And, even though multitasking isn’t the most effective way to get anything done it may seem like a necessity at times.»

Are Supplements for Muscle Gain Really Important?

If you have been into bodybuilding for any period of time you should have your share of discussion about the topic of supplements for muscle gain. These supplements are considered of utmost importance to bodybuilders and they are so many in types and groups to the extent that makes you wonder what to take and how. In my article I will discuss three of the top supplements that are used for muscle growth and will shed a light on what are their benefits and when to use them.»

Jay Cutler Maximum Mass-Building Meals

4-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler relies on the importance of off-season nutrition to pack on as much muscle as possible. Here we show you exactly what one of the biggest men on the planet eats to fill out his XXXXL t-shirts with granite-hard muscle.»

How To Choose Supplements Wisely & Still Get Huge.

Let’s Face it, things these days aren’t cheap. The terms of dwelling houses are on the ascension, solid food is getting more expensive, and overall the cost of living is incessantly resurrecting. Considerably the same thing goes with accessories. With therefore many selections out at that place on the market place it is toughened to pluck what would gain you the most. You have salesmen trying out to persuade you to buy something that will give them a nice committee, your supporters are telling you to assay something they utilized, you regard all the adverts in magazines – what just do you need?»

Amino Ammo: Your Key To Bodybuilding Success!

Bodybuilders do not need to eat┬áprotein. There, I’ve said it. Before I’m accused of an ephedrine overdose or outright psychosis, permit me to qualify that seeming heresy. What bodybuilders – and everyone else – need are amino acids.During the digestion process, whole-food proteins, such as milk, meat and eggs, are broken down into their elemental parts, which are amino acids. Twenty-two dietary amino acids have been identified. Eight are considered essential, in that they cannot be synthesized in the body but have to be supplied by food. What Bodybuilders Truly Need Are The Amino Acids In Protein Rather Than Protein Itself. Essential amino acids While all essential amino acids are vital for making gains in muscular size and strength-indeed, recent studies show that only the essential aminos are required in muscle protein synthesis – some of them are more vital than others.»

Bodybuilding Supplements – Are They Worth It?

For a lengthy time I wondered if I should use bodybuilding supplements or just build muscle mass 100% in the natural way. Now that its been a while since I started and I understand the real nature of bodybuilding, I think I can help you to understand whether or not you must use some extra protein or other products to help you grain more muscle faster. The Wrights Brothers (the creators of the first successful airplane) believed that they needed to build a plane which could first fly via itself and without the help of an engine.»
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