Phil Heath vs. Jay Cutler Mr. Olympia 2011 – Friday Night

I think that Phil is the new Mr. Olmypia 2011, He have amazing muscles definition and he is in top form this year, my view is than everything is clear in this year, Culer 2nd place and big fight for 3rd place will be between Kai, Martinez, Rockel, …. big surprise for me is this year Shawn Rhoden! He is something like smaller Phill Heath We hope that you’ve found what you need in our website, We’ve other subjects in our website about bodybuilder workouts, supplement for bodybuilder,bodybuilder tips»

Jay Cutler Photos from the Olympia 2011 Last Night!

photos of bodybuilding – Jay Cutler Photos from the Olympia 2011 Last Night! Photos of bodybuilding For Jay Cutler at Olympia 2011 last night .The sixth consecutive year, the annual bodybuilding contest Mr. Olympia gets underway today at the Orleans Arena, and our Las Vegas hero Jay Cutler, the four-time winner and reigning titleholder, hopes to three-peat after missing out in 2008.Jay is facing challengers from Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Great Britain, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Canada and Americans Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf and Dexter Jackson, who grabbed the title in 2008, interrupting Jay’s winning streak.Olympia»

7 Methods to Gain Muscle Mass

Workouts are effective when you’re trying to increase muscle mass, you must remember that all bodies are different in workouts and that gaining muscle mass is a bit easier for some people and more tough for others. Building a lean muscular and strong body is all about eating the right foods at the right times, training correctly and giving your muscles enough rest in-between workouts. There are many different training programs & workouts intended to support you build muscle and gain weight, but the best method to increase muscle mass is to train with barbells and dumbbells as well as to be reliable with following a structured weight training routine that targets your entire body over the course of a week.»

10 things to think about when considering being a strength trainer

A strengthtrainer is someone who works closely with athletes so as to help them gainstrength and become well-conditioned so that they can perform well in sports.The other responsibilities of a strength trainer involve creating trainingregiments and monitoring them. A good strength trainer is one who keeps himselfabreast with the latest lifting methods and the best strength training techniques.He should also be able to work in a variety of settings. Beforeyou consider a career in strength raining you must keep in mind certain things.   Your Aptitude: Do you have what it takes to be a fitness strengthtraining guide?»

Bodybuilding Exercise Regime – Keeping Yourself Motivated

There are moments in your life when you feel like yourpassion is burning to go on a diet and exercise harder than you should. Thereare also occasions when you are acting lazy and wanting to escape the responsibilityof working out. You know that getting toned down and buffed up is good for you,but you come up with hundreds of excuses not to do it. Some even prefer to popin endless HGH supplements or weight loss pills.»

Avoiding Sore Wrists While Doing Bench Press

Tips for avoiding wrist soreness. A public injury when doing a lot of heavy pressing, for example bench and military press, is a injured wrist. This is because of the further flex-ion or hyper extension that occurs to the wrist when underneath a heavy load. This regularly occurs on days when the bodybuilder workouts their shoulders or chest muscles.   Here are three methods to avoid yourself from suffering from a sprained wrist when a bodybuilder workouts.For»

Strength Training for Weight Loss

If you are going to weight train, will you become manly? Weight training is one of the most effective ways to ‘tone up’, but despite this, many people shy away from it, for fear of becoming overly masculine. This shouldn’t be a major concern; bodybuilders that train for size and strength also partake in supplementation programs, as well as eating abundantly. The average female doesn’t have the levels of testosterone, or surplus calories to feed large amounts of muscle growth.»

How squats can work your upper body

Workouts of the squat is a dreaded exercise shun by many wimps. In line with the motto ‘no pain no gain’, because the squat is such a demanding exercise, it is also an excellent all-round one for the legs, arguably the best overall leg exercise. However, its benefits are not restricted to the lower body as well. Find out how the squat targets the upper body too. Some physics The squat can be regarded as whole-body workouts to build muscle.»

Circuit Workout For Quick Results

If you are looking for a work-out program with fast results,then you already know that traditional methods are not going to give you thefast results that you want. Individually training specific parts of your body,while a good physical fitness maintainer, can be time consuming and may notshow results for many months. In addition, you may become overwhelmed at thesheer amount of different equipment available at the gym for each body area youare trying to improve.»

Bodybuilding Tips to get Fit Body Using Natural Supplements

Supplements are many on the market thatguarantee you weight loss but some of the side effects are not worth taking theremedy. The most of those Supplements contain caffeine, diuretics, and/orlaxatives. You will only gain a temporary loss in weight.  The natural Supplement  known as Hoodia Gordonnil is highly recommended because there are no side effects because this natural Supplement doesnot contain stimulants or other ingredients that cause side effects. You willhave a healthy sleeping pattern, eat as you should and still lose weightnaturally.»
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