Extra tips to lose fat!

If you are still looking at the mirror with feeling of disgusting, if you still can’t fit favorite jeans and feel yourself an elephant, it’s time for some extra tips to lose fat. It’s time to have a look at your lifestyle and reconsider it again. It’s time for real actions. Don’t be in hurry to lose weight. For good health plan to lose 2 pounds per week, and that will be enough.»

5 Supplements Every Man Should Avoid

In an effort to achieve their health and fitness goals, many men are turning to dietary and other supplements to give their bodies a boost. A quick internet search turns up list after list of supplements aimed at helping men to become leaner, fitter and stronger. What is hard to find, however, is a list of supplements men should avoid. In a world of fast marketing and disinformation, it’s easy to be confused about what supplements may actually end up doing more harm than good.»

Vitamin D Boosts Testosterone Levels and Muscle Growth

Take vitamin D to raise testosterone, achieve a better body composition, and have better overall health. A new study in the European Journal of Endocrinology provides more support for ensuring your vitamin D levels are above par. This study is especially timely as we enter the darkest times in the Northern hemisphere when blood vitamin D levels continue to decline due to a lack of sun exposure. Two new studies further highlight the importance of D when it comes to muscles.»
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