Part II: Popular fitness myths

See Part I: Popular fitness myths Here Myth 6. If you are not completely exhausted the day after workout, it means your workout wasn’t good enough. If you did your best in a gym and was training for few hours, it doesn’t mean you have to be sore next day. Everything depends on your body structure and abilities. Judge your workouts not by the level of soreness, but by the progress you make.»

Three Steps To Get Rid of Man Boobs

First of all – what the heck are man boobs? Man boobs are when your male chest becomes distended like female boobs. They could be anything from small protrusions, to full blown man breast that usually come with being overweight.   Lets face it, having man boobs is embarrassing! These can not only be an unhealthy extra weight on your body, but also an embarrassment when going out to the pool, the beach, or any place else you want to take your shirt off.»

Jay Cutler and Phillip Heath Train Chest

Jay Cutler and Phillip Heath bodybuilding workouts with Team MuscleTech HQ! The fans have voted and MuscleTech is filming an epic chest-training session with the two Mr. Olympia champions! See them Jay and Phil go head-to-head at Team MuscleTech Head Quarters.»

Bodybuilder Phil Heath Back Workout

Find out what Phil “The Gift” Heath says are some of the major benefits of T-Bar Rows, what his rep range is and what area of the back this hardcore back workout will build. Team MuscleTech bodybuilders workout hard for huge muscle growth. They supplement with only the best bodybuilding and sport supplements around — MuscleTech Supplements!»

Advanced Triceps Home Workout for Bodybuilders

This advanced triceps home workout for bodybuilders will help you get bigger triceps at home fast! Using advanced bodybuilder workouts for triceps exercises you will stimulate your triceps muscle to grow using just the minimum amount of equipment. So if you want bigger arms and build bigger triceps then this is the perfect workout for you! Dips 3 x ( 8 to 12 reps) One arm side tricep push 3 x ( 8 to 12 reps) Close grip band push-up 3 x ( 8 to 12 reps)»

3 Exercises for Shoulder

This is a video of a shoulder workout that Lee Hayward did with Vince DelMonte while working out at the Las Vegas Athletic Club. We did underhand Reverse Grip Barbell Shoulder Presses, wide grip up right rows, and curl grip front raises.  Reverse Grip Barbell Shoulder Press This shoulder exercise can be done seated or standing. It starts in a position resembling the top of a bicep curl and finishes overhead similar to any barbell press.»
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