How to Start a Diet

Start is always the most difficult stage of the way you are going to keep. You can have plans, ideas and goals in your head, but it’s still imagination if you didn’t start yet. It’s the same about dieting. You are wearing your favorite jacket, and you feel not comfortable, because it’s little bit small for you now. You look at yourself at the mirror, and you are not happy with what you see.»

Overtraining, when it’s time to stop?

You are exercising every day and spending hours in a gym. You are trying as hard as you can, and at the end of the training week you just have no power to move on. You were training too much. Nobody says it’s bad to put many efforts trying to get a great body, but there is nothing good in overtraining. Overtraining leads to loss of motivation and enthusiasm and lack of appetite.»

Part 2: Worst mistakes you’re making in the gym

What mistakes you are making in the gym? What holds you back and doesn’t let you do your best and be the best? Don’t lift alone. No doubts, you came to the gym to work on your own results and you should focus on yourself, not others. You came to a gym not to talk about weather with other guys, but to work hard on getting a great body. But even the best guys need help and support to be better.»

Part 1: Worst mistakes you’re making in the gym

You are going to a gym and training all the time, but it seems that something is wrong. You keep exercising, but your results are just normal, not so amazing. Something is holding you back. You do one step forward and 2 steps back. You are quite far from those workouts, after which you get an indescribable feeling of being a winner. What mistakes you are making in the gym? What holds you back and doesn’t let you do your best and be the best?»

Get energy with Tae Bo!

Tae Bo is a unique combination of martial arts, boxing and aerobics. It was developed by American taekwondo practitioner Billy Blanks in 1990s. It’s also one of the first “cardio-boxing” programs. The name Tae Bo is a mix of tae kwon do and boxing. Tae Bo became so popular in late 1990s, when it appeared on TV. Tae Bo classes are amazing. Everybody, who tried it once, train more and more.»

Stop finding excuses and get your bum in the gym

When you start training, you have enough motivation. You are working on having a great body and impressing everybody around you. You believe you can do it, and that’s what you do.  You work hard on achieving your goal.  You work hard and you are really enjoying seeing the progress of workouts. You feel yourself faster, stronger, better than you were before. You feel yourself a winner. But as time goes, your motivation is becoming weaker.»

Beat this world: Total Body Muscle & Cardio Attack

Break your fitness limits with this high intensity training circuit. Normally you go to the gym and exercise according to your training program. You do everything right. Every your step is targeted. You are stuck to your training log. You follow the reps and sets and when you are making progress, you can feel delightful pain in every your muscle. You finish your training as a winner. But not every time you have this feeling.»

2012 Arnold Classic: $130,000 to the Winner!

The 2012 Arnold Classic prize money goes up in value. This year is no different. The Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Competition’s first place prize is $130,000. Check out the List Below for the entire breakdown. Arnold Classic 1st Place: $130,000 2nd Place: $75,000 3rd Place: $50,000 4th Place: $30,000 5th Place: $15,000 6th Place: $10,000 7th through 15th: $2,000 Best Poser: $10,000 Strongman 1st Place: $45,000 2nd Place: $20,000 3rd Place: $15,000 4th Place: $10,000 5th Place: $8,000 6th Place: $6,000 7th Place: $5,000 8th Place: $3,000 9th Place: $2,000 10th Place: $1,000»
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