Top Lower Back Exercises for Bodybuilders

The major part of the human body is the lower back. Long-lasting pains canbe evaded if the lower back is actuality trained frequently. There are numerousexercises that are for lower back reinforcement. Here are some of them:

Barbell Deadlifts
Barbell dead-lifts is probably the best and most effective exercise for the lower back. Here is how to perform it correctly:
Stand in front of the barbell, keep your back straight and slowly bent over and grasp the barbell at a shoulder width. Start lifting the barbell slowly while you push your legs bringing yourself to a standing position. Repeat the whole movement. It is important to breathe out while you stand up and breathe in whenever you bent.

Hyper-extensions is another great exercise for the lower back. It gives strength and helps develop the muscles that surround your back. This is how you should perform it:
Lie on a hyper-extension bench facing down and make sure that your ankles are safely secured under the foot-pads. Start the exercise by bending slowly forward and make sure that your back stays flat during the move. Keep bending until you feel that you cannot keep your back flat any longer. You can hold a weight in your arms while you do the hyper-extension to increase the resistance. Be extra cautious with this certain exercise in order to avoid a potential injury.

Hugging Knees to Chest
For this exercise, you don’t need any equipment and you don’t have to be in the gym. You can do it practically everywhere including home.
Lie down on your back and start pulling your knees slowly to your chest. Then put your arms under your knees and pull your legs to your shoulders until you feel the pressure building up in your lower back and your buttocks. Repeat the whole movement for as many reps as you wish. Just remember that this exercise should be performed slowly and people with back issues should be aware of the pressure limits to be applied on their lower back in order to avoid worsening of their situation.

Atlas Stone or Barbell Back Training
This particular exercise is designed to give extra strength to the lower back muscle. Here is how to do it:
Most probably you will not have access to an Atlas stone, so alternatively load a bar with weight up to the point that it will not cause any problems to your back. Grab the barbell tightly and start pulling slowly the weight up to your chest. If you think, the weight is too much to handle and then start lowering it to the ground. While you have the weights at your chest level, you can hold it there for a second or two for some extra intensity. Be careful as you start lowering the barbell, in order to avoid an injury.

These are some pretty effective exercises to train your lower back. Just remember not to over train.
Cardiovascular training Cardiovascular training is also important for developing strength on the lower back. Keep those muscles pumping!

By Chris G Pap  
Article Source: EzineArticles

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