Train smarter – Structure a training program

One of the biggest problems for people, who want to start exercising, is lack of knowledge what to do and what to start from. You know that you should start exercising, and you know some workouts, which can help you to achieve the desired. But the thing you don’t know is how to organize all these great trainings into one balanced training program. And we are going to help you and give some tips how to structure your training program.

First of all, don’t follow system “the more, the better”. That’s a common mistake for all beginners. You think that if you train more and more, you will achieve the progress faster. But it doesn’t work like this. You can’t train every day till you are completely exhausted.

Learn how to maximize your training using 3 – workouts per week and let your body to recover and have some rest.

Perform heavy compound exercises.

Examples of top compound movements include:

• Legs – Leg Press, Hack Squats, Walking Lunges.

• Chest – Incline Bench Press, Incline Dumbbell Bench Press, Decline Bench Press.

• Back – T-Bar Rows, Yates Row.

• Shoulders – Arnold Dumbbell Press, One Arm Overhead Dumbbell Press.

• Triceps – Close Grip Bench Press, Bench Dips.

• Biceps – Chin Ups.

• Traps – Low Rack Pull and Power Shrug Combo

Structure your reps per each set. There is no system for choosing reps. Everything depends on your goals and needs. But as an example, 8 to 15 reps per set for leg or isolation exercises will be enough.

And don’t forget, no matter what is the structure of your training, you still can be creative. Switch exercises, modify sets per exercise, do everything to make your training day more effective.

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