Why Symmetry Is Important And How To Achieve It

Symmetry is a very important factor for anyone who enjoys working out in the gym, i’m sure we have all seen the guy walking around the gym showing off his amazing top half physique and then you notice he is walking around with stick thin legs…Now if that is the look he wants then fair enough but wouldn’t you like to have the full package?

Frank Zane the most symmetrical Mr. Olympia in bodybuilding history
Frank Zane the most symmetrical Mr. Olympia in bodybuilding history

Think about creating an evenly proportioned top and bottom, all you need to do is understand one simple rule. Your body contains various different muscles, so don’t overtrain some and neglect others. Developing a symmetrical physique entails focusing on all muscle groups equally through the employment of a variety of exercises. A figure that has evenly distributed muscle and good muscle mass shows the people that is has very few weak points.

So Why Become Symmetrical?

If you are thinking about competing for competitions then you must think more about your bodies symmetry than packing on muscle mass. Most bodybuilders who compete fail to succeed because of there symmetry, now.. yes genetics does play a huge role to the outcome of your physique but by changing some of your exercises and the ways in which your muscles are used you are more likely to develop greater muscle symmetry.

Another factor you must realise is Low-Fat helps produce symmetry, once you drop your body fat below 10% you start to see the muscle work more as you exercise, those great sharp lines showing under the lights will show you if you are developing in a way that you are trying to achieve.

Now as i explained earlier Genetics are a huge factor on Symmetry and most people don’t realise there are 3 main types of bodies, you have Endomorph (pear-shaped, overweight and large-boned)……Mesomorph (narrow-waisted, broad-shouldered and muscular)……Ectomorph (Slim with small bones and long arms).

Dr. William H. Sheldon (1898-1977) explains:

Knowing ones soma-type can help when training for symmetry. An endomorphic type physique will require a greater focus on diet and weight loss, and abdominal work. An ectomorphic type will need to really focus on arm size as this seems be a problematical area for the ectomorph.They will also need to focus on overall weight gain.

The ectomorph does, however, have somewhat of an advantage, in that, once an appreciable amount of weight is gained, their small bone structure will greatly enhance symmetry by creating an illusion of greater size. Flex Wheeler could be looked upon as one bodybuilder with ectomorphic tendencies, and beautiful muscle symmetry as a result. The mesomorph type is tailer-made for bodybuilding with tremendous muscle size and relatively low body-fat levels.

How To Develop Symmetry:

As i mentioned a symmetrical body would have evenly distributed muscle mass, however as strange as it sounds there are 4 groupings that you must work on harder than the rest, these are the Calves, Forearms, Abs and Shoulders and Outer Back…. Now this doesn’t mean that you should neglect the other muscles and concentrate on these, i just mean that you need to focus on making sure these are targeted primarily.

Just think a small, tight, abdominal region with wide, fully developed shoulders and wide, flaring calves, forearms and back, are visible from the front, side and back, and… convey the illusion of immense size and complete development

My friend and inspiration into my passion of fitness Andrei Claude recently said to me “There were always larger and more muscular physiques than mine, but few looked inspiring to me. I think it’s about having an even distribution of muscle”. And let me tell you he is 100% correct.


Richard Gibson from GymGeeks.co.uk

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